About Me

I’ve been in education for fifteen years, starting as a volunteer at Saint Andrew’s School in Bethesda, Maryland. I became a full-time English Teacher in the fall of 1995 (the same year that Windows 95 came out!) at Thornton Friends School, in Silver Spring. In 1998 I became Principal of the upper school, then Head of School in January of 2009. While an administrator, I continued to teach, mainly Writing, Literature and Digital Media.  Thornton’s Board of Directors closed the school in June of 2009, due to financial considerations.

That August I returned to the classroom at The Nora School, teaching Literature and Writing on a part-time basis.  I am there now, as well as acting as executive director of the National Coalition of Small Schools.

You can visit my Linked-in page  here.

Can small schools change the world? I think we need to approximate, as best we can, the ideal of one teaching one, as it is with parents and children. We are, for better or worse, leaving our children a world of unprecedented complexity, problems and possibilities. Small schools provide the environments that foster mentoring relationships. These are critical to supporting the intelligence, compassion, flexibility and wisdom our children will need to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

I welcome your feedback – please leave a comment, or email me.

One response to “About Me

  1. Like the new site Norman, agree about NYC. A couple of summers ago I did a day long personal photosafari from WTC to Central Park on a 105 degree July day. Got to the International Center for Photography 5 minutes before closing… shouldn’t have stopped at 2 of the 7 Barnes & Nobles I passed!

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