FCC chairman outlines broadband plan for kids


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski had a nice chat with Elmo and talked about the future of broadband in relation to our children. Though he took a more evenhanded approach than many, listing benefits and dangers, the one danger he so glaringly omitted (and one I don’t hear much talk about) is the loss of social skills and human relationships that will happen when we tether our kids to their computers without skilled mentors at their sides.

"The benefits of digital learning aren’t just theoretical. They’re real. One study found that low-income children who use the Internet more at home had higher GPAs and standardized test scores than children who use it less," he said. He added that we need to set a "clear and non-negotiable goal: every child should be connected to broadband."

While I agree with this, there seems to be little talk about WHERE that connection will be. Will the kids be home lone, connected via a laptop or smartphone? Or will they be in a diverse community, learning skills impossible to learn while face to face with a screen?

Read the whole article at CNET, here.

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