Quick Impressions of NAIS

I’ve been so busy it has been difficult to find time to blog here – a situation made more difficult by a general lack of connectivity, which I think is surprising and disappointing for San Francisco. The Moscone Center, where the convention is, has a free wi-fi access, but it is so sluggish and spotty that it is useless. In stead, the center set up a “cybernet cafe,” which is a series of Lenovo laptops set up at stand-up only positions at kiosks.
Someone told me the city itself has a free wi-fi service, but you have to have a password to use it – perhaps just for residents? Hardly gracious for a city that thrives on tourism.
And finally, I’ve heard several stories from people staying at “big name’ hotels, that you can get wi-fi there – for a cost of around $20/day.
Bad, bad, bad.
(My hotel, by contrast, has free wi-fi and it’s fast and reliable. Problem is, I’m at the convention all day and by the time I get back, work is not in my plans.)
Despite my whining, SF is still a beautiful city and the convention has been, so far more hit than miss. I’ve been to some good workshops and talked to some interesting people. I’m still a bit at a loss as to why Arianna Huffington was the keynote speaker, but she was at the very least entertaining, and at best, a nice reflection back of ideas I’ve heard being kicked around in the “rank and file” for years. It was good to hear her encouraging everyone to get over the machismo of no sleep and to get a good 8 hours every night.
Something I plan to do a soon as I get back to DC.

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