Daily Archives: January 22, 2010

Reaching the 25%


Most people outside of education probably do not realize that 25% of our nations children drop out of school before graduating high school. We’re so focused on college, and even advanced degrees, that we overlook this substantial number of our fellow citizens. Where do they go without even a high school diploma?

Some of course find their way to community colleges. But a new option is taking shape as well.

From the Detroit News comes a nice article on how a virtual academy is reaching students traditional schools were not.


Teacher Defends Small Schools

Interesting dialogue captured on the web page linked below. Centers on how small schools might be undermining public school education by “stealing” high achieving student and turning away those with more intensive requirements.

I suppose this is possible – not my experience at all, of course. And I have to wonder at the link in some people’s minds between public education and large schools: yes, that the way it is, but is that the way it must be or even should be?

Education Notes Online: Teacher Defends Small Schools and Others Respond.