This Thornton Community

This past Thursday evening, the school held a meeting of parents, Board members, staff and students which resulted in a display of energy and love of DSC_4476 this school that was inspiring. Like many other events, it’s impossible to describe, through words alone, the strong presence of love and support that was felt throughout the room and the evening.

At issue was our current cash flow situation which threatened our ability to guarantee a program for next year. The result of the meeting however is that Thornton Friends School will be here next year, as well as the year after that and beyond. The issues we need to address did not magically disappear, but it is clear to me that with a group of people as dedicated as this, these obstacles will be overcome.

I believe it is true that in hard economic times, such as the one we are in now, people tend to re-assess their values. We let go of the things that perhaps in flush times we reached out for: the material goods, the diversionary times, even the relationships that may take us away from our centers. We return to home, to family and the things we truly value. We reinvest in them because we are sure of their value to us and to those we love.
Last night made clear to me that the people of Thornton Friends School are among those essential to all of us. It is with real gratitude that I find myself among a group of people committed to educating young people with a very simple idea: that those young people grow best when they are treated with respect, kindness and an underlying belief in their inherent worth and goodness.

I’m very happy to be here. I intend to remain.

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