For What it is Worth

The Wall Street Journal lists 6 things it’ still worth spending money on during budget-tightening times:

  1. Pay for expert advice.
  2. Pay to bring down debt.
  3. Pay yourself.
  4. Pay for little indulgences.
  5. Pay for some things you could do yourself.
  6. Comparison shop.

Personally, I think this is just more proof of how out of touch WS (Wall Street) is with MS (Main Street).  While I won’t argue with no.’s 1-2, # 3 is troublesome because it fits along the same level of food, rent, etc. (which one presumes are not listed because of their utter necessity) or it means you pay yourself before you pay your employees.

No.s 4-5 may be all right, but hardly, in the scheme of things, important enough to be on this kind of list, and No.6 seems like one of those things we who don’t live on WS do all our lives.

Perhaps most importantly, I find this interesting for all the things that are not mentioned – things like education, either for yourself or your children; maintenance instead of buying new (cars, computers, and everything else!),  indirect health care (investing in your health to avoid health care costs down the line); books instead of movies or going out, (and to that end, how about a library card?). Etc.

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