More, or Less

Lots of Heads of Schools are writing letters to their communities about these extraordinary fiscal times. One letter I just read kept stressing the notion that the shcool was going to do “more with less.”
“Doing more with less” seems like a phrase borrowed from the business community of several years ago, (which in turn of course, stole it from Mies van Der Rohe, whose original phrasing had a vastly different intent) and was a euphemism for squeezing employees which led to a sharp drop-off in loyalty as well as a sharp uptick in burnout and stress.

I would humbly suggest that doing the same with less is onerous enough. While I understand it may not market as well to some, schools, which are family oriented enterprises after all, ought to be sensitive to using these kinds of phrases and will likely reach a sympathetic ear if the latter phrase is conveyed in all its meaning.

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