Hardware for September

If you are thinking about sending your child to school with a notebook computer (Hey! GREAT idea!), you may want to consider a mini-notebook. These devices, sometimes also called sub-notebooks, are small, light and relatively inexpensive, and yet can handle all of the typical tasks a high-schooler needs to accomplish (on his/her computer, at any rate) in the average day.

You may have heard of ASUS computer’s eeePC; a new model from MSI is just out, called the Wind.

If you are wondering if you need to shell out the extra cash so the unit can have Windows Vista, the short answer is “No.” The standard offering of Linux should allow plenty of Office-type features, as well as connection to the school’s network and internet.  These sub-notebooks come with plenty of storage space, worthy processing power, usb connectivity, memory card readers and even a built-in web cam.

And they’re light – 2-3 pounds. (Think of all the spine-deforming pounds of paper they can replace.)

Check ’em out!

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