Consciousness and the 10 Dimensional Universe

At the risk of sounding like I’ve spent too much time alone this spring vacation (oh, if only that were the case!), I’ve discovered some interesting threads out and about on the web.This month’s Wired magazine has an interview (they’ve had many over th eyears) with Ray Kurzweil. If you don’t know Ray Kurzweil, you ought to: he’s kind of a modern day Thomas Edison, though more than that as well. He’s an inventor and author of several books, the most compelling, as far as I am concerned, The Age of Spiritual Machines. In the interview, Kurzweil decribes how he wants to be immortal. Not in the usual sense, as in preserving the body eternally, but in transferring his consiousness – his self – to a biorobotic entity, much as we now transfer data from one machine to another. (He’d even have back-up copies of himself, should somethign go wrong with one.)Now, before you write him off as a nut job, you should read more about his assumptions, most of which are grounded in science that is happening as we speak. Or as I type. The artivcle however, has a very interesting sidebar, which  somehow linked up , in my mind, with the idea of a 10 dimensional universe which, if you watch this video, isn’t really all that hard to grasp. (Start with the idea of a right angle to our three dimensional world. It’s impossible to visualize, but pretty easy to accept as an idea.) Putting these articles/ideas together, it isn’t difficult to imagine that our awareness, our consciousness, springs from some other dimension(s) we are not aware of – but could be.And of course, this is what Eastern religions have been about for millennia, but  it’s exciting to see it all coming together with math and science. I had this sudden picture of all these tiny dendrites in my brain turing a corner into another dimension (difficult to say which one, since the “fourth” is usually taken as time, but what we’re really talking about is a fourth spatial domension) and communicating with information there. (I can’t imagine it’s strictly a one-way flow, since math tends not to work that way. If cause and effect can go either way, why not simple information?) All of which leaves me with no conclusion, about anything, except for this: religious beliefs are a product of the age in which we live (or should be) and that fact alone is enough to turn the whole notion of Faith on its head.  

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