A few support services some of you may be interested in:

  • Maryland Summer Centers, a program sponsored by the Maryland State Department of Education, has lots of information on its summer program for Gifted & Talented Students. Conservation, Space Science, Aquatic Research, Chinese and more. Here’s the link.
  • Julie Bulitt, a long-time therapist acquainted with students of TFS, has begun a practice specifically aimed at helping those with AD/HD. You can visit her website for more info here.

Not sure how to be productive over the spring break?

  • Montgomery County is awarding $3000 to a graduating senior who is pursuing a visual arts career. More info here.
  • Nora School is sponsoring its Sixth Annual Photography Festival. Last year’s First Prize winner was from TFS. Visit Nora’s website for more info. Deadline is April 4th.
  • Chris Van Hollen is sponsoring the 27th Annual Congressional Art Competition. We had a winner in this as wll, about three years ago. Deadline is April 11th, and you can get more info here.

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