New York City


Originally uploaded by Daoist56

Like many people, I love New York. Not enough to make the sacrifices i would have to make to live there, but enough that I wish I had done so earlier in life. It’s a genuine thrill to step out of your week and into the energy of 7 million people.

I inevitably find the people there friendly and interesting; some areas filled with the impossibly young and beautiful. And – though I’m sure it’s been like this for a while, I have not been there for quite some time – filled with people wielding cameras. I began to think I might do a series of images, all concerned with other people taking pictures. It cetrtainly would not be difficult to find the subjects.

One response to “New York City

  1. Like the new site Norman, agree about NYC. A couple of summers ago I did a day long personal photosafari from WTC to Central Park on a 105 degree July day. Got to the International Center for Photography 5 minutes before closing… shouldn’t have stopped at 2 of the 7 Barnes & Nobles I passed!

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