Five Signs You’re Hovering Too Much

I got this from an article in Better Homes and Gardens, written by Chrystle Fiedler. (No, I don’t read BH&G – but it was sent home to me from my kids’ after-school care center.)

5 Signs You’re Hovering Too Much

You want to be a caring, attentive parent. That’s a noble urge. But you’re probably overdoing it if . . .

  • You fight all their battles for them. Older kids need to deal with their own library fines, write their own papers, earn their own playing time.
  • You wake them up every morning. This is one of the most important skills to teach early on. They’ve got to show up for life.
  • You remind them constantly of the time. Let them be late and deal with the consequences. They’ll need that knowledge in  the real world.
  • You call their cell phones multiple times a day. Calling out of serious concern is fine. Calling out of idle curiosity is not.
  • You do all their laundry for them. They’re capable of doing their own as soon as they hit puberty.

All for now – I’ve got to make my kids’ beds . . .


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