It’s always Youth they go after . . . .

Friday, February 10, 2006

NSA kids’ mascots: like Power Rangers for warrantless wiretaps
Boing Boing reader Justin Bronn says,

The NSA updated their children’s outreach site recently. In the process, the previous mascot, Crypto Cat, has undergone some changes. Previously, Crypto Cat was a male dressed in a trench coat, but she is now a high school teenager in a midriff-baring sweater.

In addition, the NSA has added new characters to make a spy supergroup known as the “CryptoKids (TM)”. The new characters include Decipher Dog, Joules (squirrel), Slate (rabbit), T. Top (turtle), and Rosetta Stone (fox). Each of them have their own special abilities — they are like the Power Rangers for warrantless wiretaps.

The U.S. trademark application shows they applied for the trademark on Crypto Cat on December 19, 2005; this was around the same time the scandal was just starting to heat up.

Image of previous Crypto Cat: GIF link. USPTO Trademark Applications: (Crypto Cat) (Crypto Kids) (Decipher Dog)

Previously: DHS to kids: Ready for… Furries?

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