Why it is sometimes embarassing to be a man

In a new AP-Ipsos poll, 48 percent now support wiretapping without a warrant in cases of suspected communications with terrorists, up from 42 percent last month. Half say the administration should have to get a warrant, down from 56 percent. Men in particular have come around to Bush’s view over the last month, the poll suggested.

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4 responses to “Why it is sometimes embarassing to be a man

  1. oh yeah!

  2. Here are some thoughts on that:

    1. Why does it matter what these numbers say about people? As Mark Twain said, “There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics” The statistic is probably innacurate. People like you and I were probably not asked their opinions at all.

    2. Shouldn’t everyone be judged individually? Why should a random sampling of men infer anything about our gender?

    3. Also I see no coordination between being male and supporting Bush.

    4. Finally, I realize that because of the structure of society most of the evil politicians are men. But also realize that the majority of those standing against the corrupt politicians are men.

  3. But perhaps the glass is half full, 52% don’t support the wiretaps!


  4. Good points, Dylan. The statistic probably IS inaccurate, but the perception it creates likely is not.

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