Video Blogging

So apparently I can now upload video to this blog. Nothing fancy mind you – just a test to see whether it works or not. Would love comments/feedback – not necessarily on the video itself (a snippet of something I shot at the Beppu aquarium) but on how it works from the user end and to what good end it might be put to use!

Free video hosting, video codes at

One response to “Video Blogging

  1. Hey there, I think there are technical difficulties, ’cause the video didn’t play when I opened your page. Anyway, if you want other options on easily uploading video to your blog, you can use One True Media:
    Upload your video online to One True Media, (edit it if you need to, you can do that on One True Media, too!) and it can automatically generate some code for you to easily copy and paste into your blog. Then folks can see your video player on your blog and it’ll start playing for them.
    It’s that easy and it’s so much fun, too. Check it out. And happy blogging!

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