underground in yellow

underground in yellow
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The reaction of the MCPS administration to the recent slaying of Kanisha Neal at a football game between Sherwood and Blake high schools is outrageously inadequate and must be challenged. After one evening of an open forum, their entire response has been, essentially, to add more security at night football games.

Where is the mourning? Where is the human response to this tragedy? Why on EARTH are they playing football this weekend?

Are the lives of these young people (I include the unnamed teen who allegedly committed the act as well as another victim a week or so earlier) so cheap that they are not worth canceling a single weekend’s worth of football? What are we teaching our children when two murders are worth a few extra security guards and barely a hiccup in everyone’s schedule? We are telling them that it is not important, and that we expect this behavior.

MCPS needs to cancel games as usual. The entire county needs to mourn these children’s lives – both the victim and the alleged murderer. Here is a young girl who has grown up in our community and has learned that the proper response to getting spit upon is knifing someone dead.

Some may suggest that the best response is to move on, and I say fine: but AFTER we’ve made it clear to all the kids – and adults – that we as a community value everyone’s life, whether they be African-American, or fifteen years old or gang members.

Please pass this along to PTSA’s throughout the county, at all school levels. The MCPS administration will respond only if parents demand it. What we’re looking for is:

1. A cancellation of one weekend’s games.
2. When games return, all players, cheerleaders, band members, and perhaps especially, faculty and administration, wear black armbands to signify our grief and mourning over this tragedy.

Let MCPS know that they need to react as human beings, and a small notice on their web site is not enough.

A list of phone numbers is below.

Jerry Weast’s Office
Chief of Staff: Brian Porter 301.279.3145 Dept. of Communications: Aggie Alvez 301.279.3381
Secretary: Juliette Trevino 301.279.3381
Fax: 301.279.3205

Blake High School
Principal: Carole Goodman 301.879.1300
Fax: 301.879.1306

Sherwood High School
Principal: John Yore 301.924.3200
Fax: 301.924.3220

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