On Being an Introvert

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On the Meyers-Briggs scale, I score near or around 0 for three categories – but heavily, heavily on the I(ntrovert) side of things. What I like about my job is this: left to my own devices, I would probably rarely get out and meet people. But by “standing still” in my job, people come through my life. Each year approximately 15 – 20 new people come into the community of the school, where they spend anywhere, on average, from 1 – 5 years (including staff). Each year about the same number move on, and some of those I keep in touch with, so that the number of people I have in my life grows every year, without me having to go to a single, idiotic party or insipid networking function.
In the past 10 years, probably close to 200 students have come and gone. Associated with them, I’d guess I’ve come to know, fairly well, about 50 parents. Add to that another 20 or so staff members, and there’s 270 people that I have come to know on what feels to me to be a pretty deep level.That’s more than 2 per month.
The universe, it seems, takes care of its introverts.
It may also be one of the reasons I feel so exhausted all the time . . .
: )

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