The Finish Line

exterior 9
Originally uploaded by Daoist56.

As we get close to the end of school, all the attendant pressures mount and it can take its toll on those within the community. Parents’ nerves are frayed, teachers’ patience is thin, kids’ elasticity stretched to the breaking point.
This, of course, is a wonderful thing, because it shows investment in the process, in the education, in achievement and reward, in community and by each individual for him or herself. As my mother told me once, two people who don’t argue, it’s because they don’t care.
Tomorrow we leave for Catoctin, and even though it’s a mandatory trip, a lot of kids will opt not to go, and that’s a shame because it’s a wonderful place to take all of that tension that comes from investment and have it flow outward and into something good, something celebratory and enriching of one’s relationships. It’s the last step of a year-long experiment, the one in which everything begins to gel.
Perhaps though, if one opts out, one isn’t ready for that, and we just need to be patient. All things in their time, as “they” say.

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