I was 10 years old when the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago happened, which means that though I did not experience the prime of the 60’s, I was old enough to be influenced by the era. What I keep with me from that time is
a) Being idealistic is a good thing, and
b) the world is both in need of changing, and worth it.
Where I depart from the 60’s is that I don’t think you change the world via politics, but through education, one person at a time.
I hold out for our children a world in which people are free to act on the best parts of themselves, to glory in the best of art, of music and of science, as well as in the best of how we treat one another, individually and through our social institutions.
I hold this out for our children as a world they can create, and the idea that we can do our part by giving them the tools to do so. And the hope.
Possibly the vision.

But not the standardized testing to see if they’re qualified . . .

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