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I’m so awfully tired of witnessing the wreckage caused by drugs. It makes me depressed, angry, sorrowful. Of course, there is nothing to be angry at – the drugs themselves aren’t the problem. The kids are confused; parents are trying their best. Society, the culture, the system – they’re all non-entities, convenient to blame without having to stand up and face the one you accuse.
It’s all of these, and so much more: greed, materialism, short-sightedness, fear, ignorance, entitlement, decadence, desperation. They combine with the peculiarities of adolescence and make for a very dangerous milieu which too many kids are wading through, ignorant of the danger, of their fragile mortality. Like fire, the heat feels so good . . .

One response to “Fire

  1. sadly true.i remember that as being one of the most difficult things about thornton: watching the people i liked being consumed by drugs. (not that i wasnt crashing and burning myself, but differently)

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