3 students in white chairs

Click on the image above to see it at Flickr.

This photo is from last year. I’m in the midst of trying to get my images organized, and for some reason this is prohibiting me from taking new ones. Go figure.

The expression of who you are presupposes the knowledge; many people attribute this process of figuring out who we are to adolescence, but the truth is that it begins at birth and carries on to our death. It does however, get pretty intense during those teenage years.

This is why I think what I heard from a teacher today is so very insightful. She talked about telling a particular student that he was good at something, which, from her point of view, is both true and a nice thing to say. However, she realized that to his ears it was not a nice thing to hear, because it was asking him to change his image of himself – and who wants to do that?

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts any parent can give to their child is an identity which is strongly rooted in love of self but flexible enough to assimilate their growing and shifting world experience. Easy enough, isn’t it?

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