Tattoo U

I find myself torn somewhat between my beliefs and my job. My job, of course, asks me to educate: to show people things they need to know (this part is fine) and then to evaluate them on their understanding and progress (in demonstrating their understanding and/or mastery).

My experience and intuition (beliefs) tell me that everyone comes to their understanding of themselves, their world, the lessons they must incorporate, in their own time.

Perhaps it is as simple for me to aim lower: teach math and chemistry and some of our culture’s basic literature, expose them to some technology and a bit of ethics training, and let the rest sort itself out.

But my unease with this (as a satisfying life’s work) may be why the Head of School (i.e., my boss) came to me today and inquired as to whether or not I was getting itchy to do something else. My answer was, “Maybe.”

One response to “Tattoo U

  1. what would you do? i know you’ve done the whole gas station attendent/sheep farming thing…but i cant imagine you more suited to anywhere but behind that desk.

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