River and Sky

Click on the image above and you’ll see it at Flickr.

It’s a 3 day weekend. There’s something about this time of the year – we’re past the halfway point, but it doesn’t quite feel as though we’re halfway *to* anything. Which puts us in the doldrums.

One teacher described February as “F*** it month.” That’s a little dispiriting of course, but it’s easy to see why. We’ve lost 5 student so far this year: one to a psychiatric illness, one to drugs, one to voc-tech school, and two to “reform schools.”

That’s a lot. And I talked to a mom today who was in great despair because she’s lost her son to video games and is fed up enough with her daughter that she’s considering letting her just drop out. That’s not real, but it’s the despair we can feel at this time of year.

I feel it. For the first time in my life I have felt a certain kind of fear these days. It has to do with a lack of financial resources, possible health problems and an ever-present sense that I’m not spending my time as wisely as I could be, that I am allowing my life to be filled with tasks and computer screens and speaking of problems, and not nearly enough time taking in the beautiful blue sky or scent of pine or jumping into a freezing lake that makes me scream.

But of course, there’s always that something, just around the bend . . . .

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