#5 of 9

Janet, overlaid with Sean.
Both of these people are so very good at their jobs. And a big part of what they do is what I spent most of today doing.
I met with a student and his family, one who is returning after a two week suspension. Immediately afterward I met with a student and his family who were thinking of coming, but weren’t sure they should stay. I was able to put them at ease after about 30 minutes, and he stayed. As they left, another couple were outside my door: they asked if I had a minute. I met with them for 40 minutes, and as they left, a student was waiting outside and asked if he could talk to me. He came in and we talked all the way through Meeting for Worship. After he was gone, I wrote a letter to a family and student with whom I met last Thursday evening; then went and taught my class. After class I interviewed a potential student, and then his mother. Then, time on the phone with another parent.
Afterward, I wondered why I was so tired. Listening takes a lot of energy (at least doing it well does) and that’s so much of what I (and we all) have to do here: Listen with intensity.
I’m so glad I have other people around me who model this . . .

One response to “#5 of 9

  1. I think the Sean/Janet one is especially…creepy, although thats not entirely the right word, because it blends so well.
    Funny you should mention them, because Janet, Sean, Anne and you to me embody everything Thornton is. The four of you sort of define the school. The rest of the faculty is great, and there are teachers who I think have/had the potential to be to the school what you are–Rachel, David and Courtney come to mind–and obviously Mike D. but its really you four who seem to be as much a part of the school as, say, the walls–although much more important:)

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