4th in Series of 9

As said before, if you want a complete description of this series, go to the first entry.

As for this one: it’s easy to imagine it being about imagos, and how they don’t quite overlap or link up. Sitting behind this desk of course, my perspective is on teenagers, and how so many of them easily identify themselves as bisexual. Though my instincts flinch at this (I am, after all, safely into my forties) my intellect thinks it’s a good thing.

Adolescence is a time to explore who you are and who you might be, and it is most definitely a time when we recognize ourselves as sexual beings. Perhaps the first question which arises then is, “What do I do with this?”

Unfortunately, there’s too much pressure on kids to “spend it,” and I suppose some could interpret bisexuality as that same sort of encouragement, only more so. But exploring your feelings, and possibilities, is quite distinct from action, and even more so from impulsive, rash or unconsidered action.

What is all comes down to , for me, is this: I heard on the radio yesterday some conservative decry the fact that our universities are “hotbeds of Liberalism,” and I wondered if *he* ever wondered about the connection between being educated and the tendency toward Liberalism. For me, the answer is that the more we know about ourselves, the more we can understand and empathize with others. Ignorance is what breeds intolerance, and willful ignorance is what breeds hate.

So when an adolescent wakes up one morning to discover this sudden and very urgent power in their veins, shouldn’t they strive to understand it? Shouldn’t they be allowed to at least consider it from as many points of view as they are comfortable with?

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