Malcom McLaren had one hit back in the eighties or ninteies, and he said that he took the trashiest disco bass line he could imagine and overlaid it with the most sublime music he’d ever heard, which was Madame Butterfly. This photo, of a student’s pants hanging down low enough to be fashionable in some circles, is as trashy (in a trampy, vampy kind of way) as I could make it. It’s the bass line.

Unfortunately, I have nothing sublime to overlay. Perhaps Caravaggio’s “St. Jerome?”

There’s a lawmaker in Virginia who wants to pass legislation to outlaw the wearing of pants in this way. I think it exposes the underwear of too many politicians – people who run for office not to serve, but to create laws that would shape the world into the kind of place that they think it should be.

But the kids have already beaten them to it! To paraphrase: “There is no legislate; there is just do.”

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