1st of Series

Every year I take a portrait of each of the other nine members of the faculty. I’ve done this every year I’ve been Principal.

I’m usually more respectful than this – I am grateful for their willingness to sit before the camera, to have their images displayed in my office. Some years I’ve done pretty straight-ahead stuff; some years I’ve jazzed them up a little, but usually always retaining their likeness.

This is the first year I’ve really altered them, and I’m not sure why. My first reaction to seeing what I had done was to think I was trying to show our interdependence, and that working together we’re so very influenced by one another that we lose some of out separateness. Another thought that struck me was that perhaps I was angry at them, and this was my subliminal revenge. Still another was that these images were somehow reflective of our time: the willful re-shaping and mutilation of our bodies in attempts to achieve beauty which inevitably result in something less that what we had when we began.

Most likely though, it was my fascination with drawing and quartering. (At least digitally.)

2 responses to “1st of Series

  1. OH MY GOD.
    that is one of the weirdest (and somewhat creepiest) things i have ever seen.
    i cant even figure out who you’ve crossed annie with,…enlighten me, who is it?

  2. the ferocious brombosis

    it’s fernando, you nincompoop.

    drawing and quartering? that’s macabre..

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