3 responses to “Dylan

  1. see?you see? blogger is definitely the best blog hosting site i’ve found,despite not really knowing how to use all the cool features…i pay a nominal monthly fee to have no ads, and i like its service. the one time i had a problem i got really quick tech support.
    nice pic,btw:)

  2. ok i tried to post this before but it didnt work, which kind of contradicts what i’m about to say but whatever.
    ihave used this site (blogger) for almost 2 years and almost never had a problem, and when i did, the tech support was excellent.
    coolpics,btw. as always.

  3. Cool, I’m the first picture. Norman, How did you make that picture? I remember the photo session but I still can’t figure it out. btw My parents loved it. Thanks.

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